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“I have appoximate knowledge of many things.” – Demon Cat, Adventure Time

I resemble that statement. I have lots of interests, lots of projects, lots of passion for what I do, and I've found being a generalist better serves that approach.

can mComm be smarter?

For years we consumers have been satisfied with the standard filtering systems and shopping carts thrown in our faces by every brand touting an e-commerce experience or a mobile app. At the same time retailers have been satisfied with single-item additions to shopping carts and no real solution for product recommendations tailored to individual consumers.

With the rampant use of mobile devices for digital shopping in 2015 (see the number break down @ comScore) and a massive growth forecast for 2016, users should be demanding a better mobile shopping experience, and retailers who can provide it, will be positioned to win big in the coming years.

By taking a more holistic approach to the overall shopping experience, we put together what we think is a smarter approach to mobile shopping with our Sugesture App.

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artist reference on the go

Remember the long drawing sessions from your core studio courses in art school? The teacher walking around behind you reminding you to “activate the page” by engaging all the edges. Critiquing your shading and perspective. Occassionally reprimanding you for sketching that attractive art school crush instead of the fat hairy model in the center of the room. All the while, Mozart, Vivaldi or some other classic music plays softly in the background in an attempt to sooth and focus your mind, and without which, you might take more extreme measures to find a fitting end to the grueling torture you have inflicted upon yourself by actually making the decision to attend an art school.

Have you ever wanted to revisit those times, but you can't find yourself a proper studio class environment or decent reference material? Well, perhaps I've got a non-working solution here.

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the design side

“people recognized that they had a business problem. They just didn’t know it was a design problem.” – David Butler

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